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Social Media Marketing


This intensive 120 hrs course is a great place to start your digital marketing training. The course gives you a complete overview of the exciting areas of digital marketing, knowledge on how to effectively leverage the new media and integrate them into your overall marketing strategy. And to be part of the growing digital marketing market.


The main objective of the course is to make the candidates learn how to best integrate Digital Marketing Strategy into the overall marketing strategy of the company. It covers the key considerations for digital marketing, how to build a great online strategy and assesses what the future has in store.

To understand how Digital Marketing helps the company grow globally by learning to use various customer acquisition tools (like paid search and SEO), customer engagement systems like Facebook, Youtube, etc.

Last but not the least, how to earn money on internet with affiliate marketing and adsense blogging.

Who should attend?

This Programme is ideal for anyone who wants to build a career in planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies or for those who are already into the overall marketing domain in a company.

• Marketing & Advertising Professionals
• Executives and Managers
• Marketing Heads
• Business Development Managers
• Small business (Entrepreneurs) owners
• Marketing Professors or Trainers
• Government Service Professionals
• Students


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
Understand how to integrate online marketing to your overall marketing strategy.
Leverage online customer acquisition tools like paid search and SEO.
Use customer engagement channels, like social networking sites, for customer relationship evaluate your current online strategy, measure and analyze future online marketing tactics.

How will I benefit?

• Enter the Advertising industry
• Increase your marketing knowledge
• Learn how to track, analyse, Monitor and Monetize your website traffic
• Learn new and ethical ways of doing SEO
• Learn how to create an effective paid search
• Learn the best practices of email marketing
• Build a great online strategy
• Earn through online affiliate marketing
• Grow your business by making it visible online
• Have an edge over your competitors

What will I learn?
  • Social Media Marketing Overview

    • What is Social Media?
    • Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms
    • How Social Media Marketing is diffrent then other forms of Internet Marketing?
    • Marketing on social networking websites
    • What is viral marketing and its importance

  • Facebook Marketing

    • Understanding Facebook Marketing
    • Facebook glossary
    • Facebook fan page vs profile vs group
    • Increasing fans on fan page
    • How to do marketing on fan page
    • Fan engagement
    • Important apps to do fan page marketing
    • Facebook advertisng
    • Types of Facebook advertising • Facebook Marketing Tips
    • Understanding edgerank and art of engagement
    • Case Studies
    • Most Engaging page on facebook

  • Twitter Marketing

    • Understanding Twitter
    • Tools to listen & measure Influence on
    • Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
    • How to do marketing on Twiteer
    • Black hat techniques of Twitter marketing
    • Advertising on twitter

  • Linkedin Marketing

    • What is Linkedin?
    • Understanding Linkedin
    • Company profile vs Individual
    • Marketing on Linkedin groups
    • Understanding Linkedin groups
    • How to do marketing on Linkedin groups?
    • Linkedin adverstising
    • Increasing ROI form linkedin ads

  • Video Marketing

    • Understanding Video Campaign
    • Creating 1stVideo Campaign
    • Importance of Video Marketing
    • Benifits of Video Marketing
    • Uploading videos on Video Marketing websites
    • Using youtube for business
    • Developing youtube Video Marketing Strategy
    • Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your website
    • Creating Video ADgroups
    • Targeting Options
    • Understanding Bid Strategy

  • Blog Marketing

    This module teaches you how Google Analytics actually works, and how to customize it.

    • The high level architecture of Google Analytics as an analytics product.
    • How to install and modify the Google Analytics tracking code for various scenarios.
    • How to extend the capabilities of Google Analytics with features like custom variables, event tracking, e-commerce, and more.
    • How to create data filters and profiles for custom purposes.
    • Advanced goal and e-commerce setup.
    • How to set up and launch A/B tests using Google's new Content Experiments feature.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Where will the training be organized?
    The Training will be organised in our centre or a Hotels for Corporate batches

    • What will be the timing of the batches?
    Weekday Morning and Evening Batch
    Weekend Only Batch

    • How do I take admission?
    You can fill the form online or via email.
    Or you can come to any of our counselling centres’ and take admission.

    • When is the last date for admission?
    1 week prior to the course commencement dates.

    • Can I pay in instalments?
    Yes, you can pay in instalments. But if you are interested to get our FREE offer then you have to make down payment.

    • Will everyone get Google Certificate?
    Yes, but you need to take Google Certified Professional Exam. And you need to clear 2 exams out of 3 exams to be eligible for GCP certificate. This exam is conducted online by Google. NIHT Digital Academy would only assist you.

    • Are meals included in the Program?
    Yes, Veg. Lunch is included, as well as tea/coffee in the morning and afternoon. • Who soon will I get the certificate?
    The certificate would be generated immediately online once you clear the exams.

    • Do you provide any placement support?
    NIHT Digital Academy will only assist and guide the students for getting a Job, but their is no assurance.

    • Is there any Live Project to work on?
    Yes, post training you will participate in Live Projects, Case Studies & Real Live Examples.

    • Can I earn while I learn?
    Yes, you can earn while you learn by working as our marketing agent and earn handsome commissions.

    • What will I get post completion of the course ?
    We will give you an account in Free Cart – where you can make and sell ecommerce site by paying a very nominal hosting charges.
    We will give you other marketing tools.

    • Should I bring my laptop for the workshop?
    Yes, you need to bring a laptop along with you.

    • Is there any preparation needed before the class(es)?
    It will be wonderful if you have an admin access to google adwords and analitics account. And if you can simply familarise yourself with it. And if you dont have one you can create one.

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