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Why Choose This Course ?

Virtual Reality will be the future of marketing strategies. In this course, learn AR/VR, and use data-driven analytics through marketing automation to be present on all major platforms.

  • Create powerful campaigns by automating your marketing workflows
  • Strategies to succeed in scaling and managing eCommerce businesses
  • Venture into the metaverse with AR/VR technologies
  • Work Experience to apply digital marketing across multiple industries

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  • Digital Marketing Overview

    How Digital Marketing targets and grows businesses and its potential scope in the coming years

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Learn how the usage of SEO techniques can help optimize your web content and rank on search engines

  • Facebook

    Making use of social media for outreach and conversion would be the aim of this module. We will transform you from a user to social media marketer. Learn how to drive traffic, curate engaging content and much more.

  • Reddit

    A step by step guide into the world of advertising using google advertising platform. Create google ad campaigns from scratch and deliver on wide range of objectives. Also you will be a master in reading data and using it to improve your campaigns and strategies.

  • Google Ads (Previously Adwords)

    Creating, optimizing, and configuring ads on Google and its related properties.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Understanding concepts like the ripple effect, consumer behaviour, and creating custom marketing strategies

  • Google Tag Manager

    Learn event tracking and setting up tags and triggers using Google Tag Manager

  • Instagram

    Learn how to grow on Instagram, with content strategies, influencer marketing and tools for Instagram advertising.

  • LinkedIn

    Understanding the importance and benefits of using LinkedIn, with advertising and marketing strategies.

  • Google Analytics (GA4)

    Monitoring traffic and understanding your audience’s behavior using the latest version of Google Analytics (GA4)

  • Website Planning & Creation

    Learn how to plan, design, and code your very own website using HTML and WordPress

  • Social Media Marketing

    Learn how to use paid and organic social media marketing strategies to engage with your audience.

  • Twitter

    Understanding Twitter as a marketing platform using organic content, Twitter ads and analytics tools.

  • Mobile App Marketing

    Create mobile app campaigns, and learn how to promote and monetize your mobile applications.

  • Content Marketing

    Learn to create a great content strategy, to influence your target audience using content.

  • YouTube Marketing

    Learn strategies to create engaging content, optimize channels for growth and build it from the ground up.

  • Adsense and Blogging

    Learn about Google AdSense, content curation for blogging, and using AdSense for ads on blogs and websites.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Become familiar with the different affiliate marketing programs, and master skills on utilizing them for monetization.

  • Email Marketing

    Learn how to create effective email marketing campaigns, and build and nurture email lists.

  • AI usage in Digital Marketing

    Learn content creation and curation using AI, using chatbots, and another emerging AI tools for digital advertising.

  • Understanding UI/UX

    Learn about UI design, design kits, beginner tools & UX optimization.

  • Viral Marketing

    Pick up the skills to implement viral marketing strategies to engage with your customers and use tools for the same.

  • Creative Ads Writing

    Learn the formulas and tactics to create compelling copy to attract and captivate buyers.

  • Professional Video Editing

    Master professional video editing, with industry-standard tools like Premiere Pro & Filmora

  • Gaming & Live Streaming

    Introduction to the world of gaming and live streaming, and the future of in-game marketing through engagement with gaming communities.

  • Graphic Design Essentials

    Learn the fundamentals of graphic design, typography, fonts & colours, and industry-required video editing skills.

  • Podcasting

    Get started with podcasting, recording and editing audio content, and building and promoting your podcast.

  • Gamification in Online Marketing

    Introduction to Gamification, Gamification Marketing Strategies, elements of Game Marketing.

  • AR & VR in Technology

    Discover the latest in AR & VR Technologies and their uses and implementation across various digital marketing platforms.

  • Amazon Marketplace

    Strategies to market on Amazon, optimizing product pages, and understanding analytics.

  • Programmatic Advertising

    Learn the concepts of programmatic advertising, including concepts such as ad sizes, pricing models, auction types and targeting strategies.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Use CRO techniques and tools to optimize results, boost business and understand user interactions.

  • Digital Marketing Insights

    Grasp various marketing principles, 360° digital strategies, and analyze marketing case studies.

  • Immersive Web knowledge

    Understanding a deep working of the web, including concepts such as IP, DNS & Client-Server Relationship.

  • Influencer Marketing

    Learn the ins and outs of influencer marketing & how to approach and collaborate with brands.

  • Psychographic Marketing

    Understanding psychographics, customer profiles, and refined audience segmentation

  • ORM (Online Reputation Management) & PR

    Master the techniques and strategies required to build brand reputation, crisis management & press releases.

  • E-commerce Marketing

    Learn how to manage and build E-commerce platforms, while mastering strategies to compete with big companies.

  • Marketing Automation

    Master the art of integrating apps and platforms to create powerful workflows and automate your email lists.

  • Data Analysis and Reports

    Learn how to create reports, segmentation, perform qualitative research & master different advanced analytics platforms.

  • Agency Management Skills

    Learn vital agency skills like targeting prospects, client handling, project management & closing sales pitches.

  • Interview and Resume Writing Skills

    Learn the ways to create attractive resumes and prepare yourself with mock interviews and other practical skills.

Hear What Our Students Say

The best part about training and working with such wonderful and talented students is the feedback we receive! Through their hard work and patience, they have been placed at some of the biggest companies in India. Here are some of our past students sharing their experiences at NIHT:

Vrinda Rajgarhia

Integrated Solution Strategist at Schbang

“I came here as a student to learn digital marketing and was introduced to a whole new world. NIHT’s encouraging environment helped me to recognize my inner potential by working on live projects, which was a really valuable experience for me”

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Nikhil Khandelwal

@Digital Marketing Executive at Behind the Scenes

“The course was really helpful for me as I have been able to successfully apply what I learned in the social media module to my own business and generate revenue”

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Soumen Adhikary

@Senior Executive Online Marketing at SVF

“I joined NIHT’s Digital Marketing Course after completing my graduation, and thanks to the skills and knowledge I gained, I was able to land an internship with SVF. So thank you NIHT!”

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Tanushree Lahoti

@Business Analyst at Zomato

“NIHT was the perfect choice for me, and I would say NIHT and Digital Marketing complement each other, as the instructors and the comprehensive course material make sure to impart complete digital marketing knowledge”

Watch Video Testimonial
Amrita Bhattacharya

@Digital Marketing Specialist at Bengal Emami Housing

“NIHT gave my career a big boost. Thanks to the course, I am now working as a Digital Marketing Specialist at a real estate firm. I would recommend their digital marketing course to anyone looking to upskill their career”

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Mohit Maggo

@Social Media Expert & Founder at CaDel Tales

“After joining NIHT, the modules taught here helped me to better my blog’s reach and understand how to market my business more effectively and efficiently.”

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Ishan Gupta

@Creative director at SKF Productions

“NIHT’s course materials were very helpful and informative. As a student with an interest in content writing, NIHT’s digital marketing course helped me learn how to create meaningful and effective content”

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Sneha Prasad

@Digital marketing executive at The Great Eastern Pvt. Ltd

“NIHT has been a great decision for me. The learning environment & their faculty have helped me really find a foothold in the field of Digital Marketing.”

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Promila Bhattacharya

@Digital Marketing Manager at Writing Souls

“After completing my graduation, I decided to join NIHT to learn Digital Marketing. The modules taught at NIHT were very helpful, and Angshuman sir’s classes were always very fun and knowledgeable.”

Watch Video Testimonial
Uzma Parveen

@Social Media Marketer at NIHT Infosolution Pvt. Ltd

“Being a commerce student, most of the concepts were completely new to me. Thankfully, the interactive classes and NIHT’s faculty helped me to master these topics”

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