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Paid Internship
Paid Internship

NIHT swears on hard-work and results. We send our students on paid internships so that they get an opportunity to give a practical shape to their learning

Work On Live Projects

Get certified by Google and Facebook and addcreditability to your name. NIHT will assist you in clearing the AdWords and Analytics exam

Get Global Certificates
Customised course structure

Our course modules have been crafted to match the diverse requirements of the students. You get range of options to choose from

100% Placement Support .
100% Placement Support

NIHT has tie-ups with several renowned national and international companies. We offer 100% placement support to our students

Course Details:

Digital Marketing Overview

  • What is digital marketing ?
  • Importance & benefits of digital marketing
  • What does digital marketing consists of ?
  • How digital marketing works ?

Website Planing & Creation

  • Types of websites : Static, Dynamic & Responsive.
  • Essentials of a website.
  • Planing a website.
  • Professional appearance.
  • Difference between dynamic & static website.
  • Creating Website on Freecart.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Introduction to SERP.
  • What is SEO ?
  • What are search engines ?
  • How search engines work ?
  • Different types of traffic.
  • What are keywords & their types.
  • Keyword Research process & Planner tools.
  • Understanding Keywords mix.
  • On Page optimization.
  • Off page optimization.
  • Local SEO.
  • Monitoring SEO process and preparing reports.
  • Best SEO strategy.

PPC Advertising With Google

  • Introduction to adwords & PPC advertising.
  • What is display network & why it is important ?
  • Understanding adwords structure (Campaigns, adgroups, ads etc)
  • Types of campaigns- Search, display, video, dynamic search & Google partner websites.
  • Difference between search & display campaign.
  • Understanding bidding & payment modules – CPC, CPA, Enhanced bid, CPM.
  • Detailed – Understanding of adwords algorithm of ads ranking.
  • How to increase quality score.
  • How to increase Click Through Rate(CTR)

Google Analytics

  • What is Google analytics ?
  • Why analytics is so important ?
  • Setting up your website with analytics.
  • Fundamentals of Google analytics.
  • Monitoring bounce rate.
  • Setting up goals and funnels.
  • Setting filters and segmentation.
  • Tracking conversions.
  • Monitoring website performance.
  • Monitoring traffic sources.
  • Monitoring visitors behavior.
  • Taking corrective action.

Email Marketing

  • What is email marketing ?
  • Challenges in email marketing.
  • Legitimate / opt-in email marketing.
  • Using List Serve to do email marketing.
  • Best practices of email marketing.
  • Design a creative e-Mail template.

Online Advertising

  • What is online advertising ?
  • Types of online advertising.
  • Display advertising
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Tracking & measuring ROI of online advertising
  • Assignment on allocating funds to various online advertising platforms.

Lead Generation

  • Understanding lead generation for business.
  • Why lead generation is important ?
  • Understanding landing pages.
  • Landing Page vs website
  • Mobile website vs desktop website.
  • Why mobile website is important for lead generation.

E-commerce Marketing

  • What is eCommerce ?
  • Creating eCommerce website.
  • E commerce scenario in India.
  • How to do SEO of and eCommerce website.
  • Why you need an eCommerce marketing strategy.
  • Formulating right eCommerce marketing strategy.
  • Using affiliate marketing to promote your eCommerce business.

Social Media Marketing

  • What is Social Media ?
  • Understanding the existing Social media channels.
  • How social media marketing is different from other.
  • Forms of Internet marketing ?
  • Marketing on social networking websites [Facebook / Linkedin / Twitter / Pinterest]
  • What is viral marketing and its importance.
  • Practical.

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • What is Digital Marketing strategy ?
  • How to create a successful Digital Marketing strategy ?
  • Difference between Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing.

Mobile Web Marketing

  • Fundamental of mobile marketing.
  • Creating mobile website.
  • Advertising on mobile website & app.
  • Content marketing on mobile.
  • Mobile strategy.
  • SMS marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing ?
  • How people make money through affiliate marketing ?
  • Affiliate marketing scenario in India.
  • Different ways to do affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate marketing secrets.
  • Tips to be a successful affiliate marketers.


  • What is Adsense ?
  • How to get approved for adsense ?
  • Using your adsense account interface & Placing Ads


  • Learn how to create Blogs.
  • Learn the tricks for being a successful blogger.
  • Learn how to make money from your blog site and posts.
  • Blogging and bloggers.


  • What is Branding ?
  • Importance of Branding.
  • How to build a successful brand.
  • Branding and Advertisement.
  • Branding and selling.
  • Brand image makeover.

What do you learn ?

This Programme is ideal for anyone who wants to build a career in planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies or for those who are already into the overall marketing domain in a company.

• Marketing & Advertising Professionals
• Executives and Managers
• Marketing Heads
• Business Development Managers
• Small business (Entrepreneurs) owners
• Marketing Professors or Trainers
• Government Service Professionals
• Students
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Where will the training be organized ?

The Training will be organised in our centre or a Hotels for Corporate batches

What will be the timing of the batches ?

Weekday Morning and Evening Batch Weekend Only Batch

How do I take admission ?

You can fill the form online or via email Or you can come to any of our counselling centers and take admission.
Or contact our admission counselor at 9830269100

When is the last date for admission ?

1 week prior to the course commencement date.

Can I pay in installments ?

Yes, you can pay in installments.

Will everyone get Google Certificate ?

Yes, but you need to take Google Certified Professional Exam. And you need to clear 2 exams out of 3 exams to be eligible for GCP certificate. This exam is conducted online by Google. NIHT Digital Academy will only assist you in taking the exam.

When will I get the certificate ?

The certificate will be generated immediately online once you clear the exams.

Do you provide any placement support ?

NIHT Digital Academy provides 100% placement assistance.

Is there any Live Project to work on ?

Yes we offer live projects  and case studies to all of our students. The live projects help them to get industry oriented.

Can I earn while I learn ?

Yes, you can earn while you learn by working as our marketing agent and earn handsome commissions.

What will I get post completion of the course ?

Post completion of the course you will get a certificate from NIHT.

Should I bring my laptop for the workshop ?

We always recommend students to carry laptop.

NIHT has been a constant support throughout my journey of digital marketing. From a student to a confident girl, NIHT has greatly helped me in my metamorphosis.


niht student kanakendu karmakar Freelancer

"According to me NIHT is one of the best Academy in Kolkata to learn every single thing about digital marketing in detail from the trainers."


niht student suprakash sadhu businessman

"I am a student of NIHT Institution.....They helps me a lot...There the professors teach us very clearly...Each and everyone guides us a lot...I am happy to be a student of NIHT institution.Thank you..."


niht student MD IRSHAD gsk

"NIHT believes in producing competent professionals"


niht student rama debnath entrepreneur

Training program is designed in such a way that even a novice becomes an expert in web and digital marketing technologies.