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Paid Internship
Paid Internship

We are the Consultant of 100+ Companies nationally as well as internationally. We offer Paid Internship to all of our students.

Work On Live Projects
Work on Live Projects

NIHT provides an opportunity to all students to work on live projects which helps them to master digital marketing.

Get Global Certificates
Get Global Certificates

Google AdWords (Search, Display, Mobile, Video, Shopping), Google Analytics, Facebook Ad Certificate.

100% Placement Support
100% Placement Support

NIHT has tie-up with 100+ National and International companies. We offer 100% placement assistance.

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Course Details:

SEO Overview

• What is SEO ?
• Introduction to SERP
• What are search engines
• How search engines work ?
• Major functions of a search engine
• What is traffic ?
• Different types of keywords
• Google keyword planner tool
• Keywords research process
• Understanding keywords mix

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

• Keywords optimization
• Content optimization & planning
• Understanding Your audience for content planning
• Adding social media plug-in on web pages
• Internal linking
• Meta tags creation
• Creating Webpage in HTML
• Sitemap creation and submission
• What is FTP?
• How to use FTP?

• What is domain authority?
• How to increase Domain authority?
• What is page rank?
• How to increase page rank?
• What is back links?
• Types of back links?
• What is link building?
• Types of link building
• Link building strategies for your business
• Easy link acquisition techniques
• Link opportunity prospecting & creating link baits
• Types of content on Digital World
• Infographic, Podcast, Video
• Importance of Content Marketing
• Content Scaling and social Media in Link building

Local SEO

• Local SEO
• Google places optimization
• Classified submissions
• Using H card
• Citation
• NAP (Name Address Place)
• What is primary keyword, secondary keyword and tertiary keywords ?
• What is the difference between keyword stuffing and keyword placement ?
• How to write an optimized content ?
• How to write a content for article, blog and press release
• Top tools for SEO
• Monitoring SEO process
• Preparing SEO reports
• How to create SEO strategy for your business
• Top plugin of wordpress ?
• What is link juice?
• What is domain authority ?
• What is page authority
• Importance of domain and page authority ?
• How to optimizes exact keyword for your bussiness ?
• How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm ?
• What is Google Panda Algorithm ?
• What is Google Penguin ?
• What is Google EMD Update ?
• How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update ?
• How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD ?

Mobile SEO

This module teaches you how Google Analytics actually works, and how to customize it.

• The high level architecture of Google Analytics as an analytics product.
• How to install and modify the Google Analytics tracking code for various scenarios.
• How to extend the capabilities of Google Analytics with features like custom variables, event tracking, e-commerce, and more.
• How to create data filters and profiles for custom purposes.
• Advanced goal and e-commerce setup.
• How to set up and launch A/B tests using Google’s new Content Experiments feature.

Thinking how NIHT will help you become an expert SEO manager?

Have you thought how did you land on NIHT’s website? What was the search query you put on search box? Wondering how NIHT knew what you were looking for? The answer is SEO.

At some point , you must have heard about the term SEO though you don’t know what exactly it means. In simple words when you shoot a query asking Google for digital marketing courses or use related terms, Google optimizes your search query and displays all the results that have the term ‘digital marketing’ included in them. This is where the play of keywords start and the website with the most relevant content and keyword wins the first position. Now you know how you landed upon NIHT’s site. However, Google takes into consideration more than 200 factors to rank a website. NIHT’s SEO course will take you on a tour of the Google algorithm and about the various factors that contribute to the ranking of the website. The various techniques of SEO, the play of keywords, etc are all covered in our course module that will help you become an ace SEO specialist in no time.

So, make a smart move with NIHT and enjoy handsome returns as an SEO expert with meagre investments.

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Where will the training be organized ?

The Training will be organized in our centre or a Hotel for Corporate batches

What will be the timing of the batches ?

Weekday:  Morning and Evening Batch

How do I take admission ?

You can fill the form online or via email Or you can come to any of our counselling centers and take admission.

Or contact our admission counselor at 9830269100

When is the last date for admission ?

1 week prior to the course commencement date.

Can I pay in installments ?

Yes, you can pay in installments.

Will everyone get Google Certificate ?

Yes, but you need to take Google Certified Professional Exam. And you need to clear 2 exams out of 3 exams to be eligible for GCP certificate. This exam is conducted online by Google. NIHT Digital Academy will only assist you in taking the exam.

When will I get the certificate ?

The certificate will be generated immediately online once you clear the exams.

Do you provide any placement support ?

NIHT Digital Academy provides 100% placement assistance.

Is there any Live Project to work on ?

Yes we offer live projects  and case studies to all of our students. The live projects help them to get industry oriented.

Can I earn while I learn ?

Yes, you can earn while you learn by working as our marketing agent and earn handsome commissions.

What will I get post completion of the course ?

Post completion of the course you will get a certificate from NIHT.

Should I bring my laptop for the workshop ?

We always recommend students to carry laptop.

NIHT has been a constant support throughout my journey of digital marketing. From a student to a confident girl, NIHT has greatly helped me in my metamorphosis.


niht student kanakendu karmakar Freelancer

"According to me NIHT is one of the best Academy in Kolkata to learn every single thing about digital marketing in detail from the trainers."


niht student suprakash sadhu businessman

"I am a student of NIHT Institution.....They helps me a lot...There the professors teach us very clearly...Each and everyone guides us a lot...I am happy to be a student of NIHT institution.Thank you..."


niht student MD IRSHAD gsk

"NIHT believes in producing competent professionals"


niht student rama debnath entrepreneur

Training program is designed in such a way that even a novice becomes an expert in web and digital marketing technologies.