Chatbot Marketing- A new Future For Digital Marketing
When you open a website and a window pops up immediately which offers to help you, that is a Chatbot. The most hyped and latest marketing trends are Chatbots. It can be used for every possible task. Chatbot based marketing provides better customer service, drives sales and the most important is it is very effective.

What are Chatbots?

A Chatbot is a small computer program that can mimic human conversation and interact with people in the form of text or speech. Chatbots in marketing can help humans to fix issues and complete their task.

Chatbots are the future of advanced marketing which is an amalgamation of Machine Learning and AI i.e Artificial Intelligence.
Types of Chatbots:
Menu Based Chatbots:
These are button-based chatbots when once selected an option it gives us the next set of options. Sort of functions in a hierarchical multi-level structure of responses. 
Keyword-Based Chatbots:
These types of chatbots are based on keywords, it captures keywords and processes and solves queries accordingly. It uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) and the responses are pre-loaded. 
Natural Language Processing Chatbots: 
One of the most advanced chatbots in marketing. It uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence(AI) to deliver the best result and experience, highly contextual with a data-centric approach. It even understands misspelled queries.

Chatbots in Marketing. Why?

Chatbot Marketing or the use of chatbots in digital marketing has skyrocketed as it is the easiest way to communicate with customers. It can be integrated with websites, apps, and messengers.
Chatbots in Digital Marketing can drastically reduce workloads and offer 24*7 assistance without the actual presence of a human customer representative. 
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The reason why people are comfortable interacting with chatbots because is Productive, it arises Curiosity among people also it is comforting for some and entertaining for some. Other major factors include the rise in popularity of chatting application, growth in Mobile Application and increasing use of AI and Machine Learning. 
Chatbots or Automated conversational bots are the biggest trend of recent times and have even taken over Facebook Messenger.

How Chatbots are revolutionizing eCommerce | Role of Chatbots in Digital Marketing?

Chatbot Marketing has enabled customers to shop, read and get information, solve issues, ask questions and buy products and avail services all without interacting with a real employee over chat or phone. Ain’t that interesting?
User Experience | 24*7 Availability
Imagine how frustrating can it be for the customer to wait for some representative to come online and respond to their queries but such days are gone. Chatbots used in marketing are very prompt with their response and its so much hassle-free. Chatbots are available day and night to solve customer’s concerns.
What makes a website customer-friendly? Quick response and reduced customer waiting time, effective services. Chatbots have got all of it covered. This is perhaps the reason why Chatbots are replacing other forms of customer support. This overall improves customer satisfaction.
Data Collection and Research
Chatbots in eCommerce sites can be used to customize and collect the data, monitor customers purchasing behavior and pattern. This is one of the biggest use of Chatbots in marketing, it all boils down to the collection of data. we tend to share a lot of information. 
This information or data can e used later to understand and analyze customers’ behavior and purchasing patterns and generate quality leads and enhance sales. Automated  Conversational marketing has the unique advantage of learning and using consumer habits to increase sales.
They store this information and later provides a seamless experience for the same customer and easily convert them to sale. 
Customer engagement after Sales
The data collected from customers can be later used to send follow up messages and this data be correctly used to provide a fruitful advertisement to the right customers. This is very fruitful for digital marketing. Also, chatbots help in announcing a new offer or new product launches.
Chatbot Marketing Lead Generation 
It is slowly becoming the favorite for digital marketers as it drives in a flood of leads for businesses worldwide. Chatbots can initiate a conversation and segregate users based on user interest.
While a representative can handle 3 customers at a time, a chatbot can do several works. It can be a powerful expression of the brand value. Chatbots can also be programmed to provide metrics like levels of customer engagement, mention of brands and leads turning into customers. Chatbots perform better than regular live agents in generation conversions. 
Showcasing New Products and Services
Chatbots and Digital marketing goes hand in hand and are effective in showing and advertising new products and services. It creates the right audience from the data collected and creates a funnel for customers likely to engage with the product. 
They are highly targeted in nature and are very friendly in tone. They will send a notification to the relevant customers to make them feel special and valued. This notification can be customized and chalk out the ones who find the products or services irrelevant. 
Social Media marketing
Chatbots in Digital marketing can be extended to Social Media platforms to advertise and promote products. It can be added as an extension to solve initial level inquiries and solve simpler problems.
With the ever-increasing growth of the Digital field and the combination of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing has led to the use of chatbots. These automated conversational bots have made the future of Marketing much brighter providing seamless user experience. The eCommerce site has already incorporated Chatbots in Marketing Strategies. Therefore, we can conclude that Chatbots are here to stay and has potential growth in the future of Digital Marketing.

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