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Brands can no longer ignore the growing popularity of video content. Master the art of effective content creation through video editing, graphic designing, gamification, viral marketing and AI to boost your digital career. Learn the creative aspects of digital marketing and become freelance-ready.

  • Learn client pitches and brand briefs
  • Get 15+ Professional Certifications
  • Acquire campaign management and automation skills
  • Learn from case studies and live projects
Price : ₹82,600

Premier Program in Digital Marketing Course

  • Live Projects
  • Corporate Soft-skills
  • campaign
  • presentation
Digital Marketing Overview

How Digital Marketing targets and grows businesses and its potential scope in the coming years.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Understanding concepts like the ripple effect, consumer behaviour, and creating custom marketing strategies.

Website Planning & Creation

Learn how to plan, design, and code your very own website using HTML and WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how the usage of SEO techniques can help optimize your web content and rank on search engines.

Google Tag Manager

Learn event tracking and setting up tags and triggers using Google Tag Manager.

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to use paid and organic social media marketing strategies to engage with your audience.


Introduction to Facebook marketing, understanding how its algorithm works, and ad campaign setup and configuration.


Learn how to grow on Instagram, with content strategies, influencer marketing and tools for Instagram advertising.


Understanding Twitter as a marketing platform using organic content, Twitter ads and analytics tools.


Learn content curation using Reddit, and organic traffic generation using Reddit marketing strategies.


Understanding the importance and benefits of using LinkedIn, with advertising and marketing strategies.

Mobile App Marketing

Create mobile app campaigns and learn how to promote and monetize your mobile applications.

Google Ads (Previously Adwords)

Creating, optimizing, and configuring ads on Google and its related properties.

Google Analytics (GA4)

Monitoring traffic and understanding your audience’s behaviour using the latest version of Google Analytics (GA4).

Content Marketing

Learn to create a great content strategy, to influence your target audience using content.

YouTube Marketing

Learn strategies to create engaging content, optimize channels for growth and build it from the ground up.

Adsense and Blogging

Learn about Google AdSense, content curation for blogging, and using AdSense for ads on blogs and websites.

Affiliate Marketing

Become familiar with the different affiliate marketing programs, and master skills in utilizing them for monetization.

Email Marketing

Learn how to create effective email marketing campaigns, and build and nurture email lists.

AI usage in Digital Marketing

Learn content creation and curation using AI, using chatbots, and other emerging AI tools for digital advertising.

Creative Ads Writing

Learn the formulas and tactics to create compelling copy to attract and captivate buyers.

Graphic Design Essentials

Learn the fundamentals of graphic design, typography, fonts & colours, and industry-required video editing skills.

Understanding UI/UX

Learn about UI design, design kits, beginner tools & UX optimization.

Professional Video Editing

Master professional video editing, with industry-standard tools like Premiere Pro & Filmora.


Get started with podcasting, recording and editing audio content, and building and promoting your podcast.

Viral Marketing

Pick up the skills to implement viral marketing strategies to engage with your customers and use tools for the same.

Gaming & Live Streaming

Introduction to the world of gaming and live streaming, and the future of in-game marketing through engagement with gaming communities.

Gamification in Online Marketing

Introduction to Gamification, Gamification Marketing Strategies and elements of Game Marketing.

Clear Your Doubts

The top digital marketing courses to pursue are SEO, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, and Social Media Marketing. The need for SEO specialists and content marketers continues to grow, and so does that for PPC ads and social media marketers.

"Yes, you can get a Google-certified digital marketing course that is recognized all around the world. You can work in the fields of SEO, social media, and Google Ads after receiving the certificate. "

After you enroll you can upgrade your program at any point in your course. Our counsellors and faculty are always there to guide you throughout and help you make informed decisions.

The digital marketing industry is booming and so are the job opportunities it provides. Companies are understanding the importance of having a strong digital presence. Once you complete your training, you will have to undergo an internship for a period of 3-6 months before you get hired with a good salary. As you gain experience, your salary will also increase depending on your acquired skill sets and expertise.

If a class is missed, it can be made up with a backup class, so that portion is not left uncovered. However, missing classes regularly will not be taken into consideration as regular attendance is a disciplinary criterion in the institution.

Our institute organises various events and encourages every student to actively participate. It helps them hone their skills and gain exposure to various aspects of the industry.

We believe that access to education is a human right, and withholding the same, we provide an instalment plan to individuals who would prefer to pay as their course progresses. Our instalments are exclusive of GST with no cost EMI.

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