Snapchat Streak Does It Really Matter

Taking snaps and sharing with others has become a daily routine. We get up in the morning and the first thing we do is send a morning snap. Even where people gathered to have fun, we start clicking pictures and send them on Snapchat and maintain a snap-streak. Maintaining a snap-streak has become a necessity for the survival of our social presence. Is it necessary to sustain a streak? Let’s find out what is snap-streak all about.

Did You Snap?


A snap-streak is merely a period where we share a picture or video with someone every day & they snap back. Sometimes I question myself that, “how patiently we snap each other for 3 consecutive days to make the streak happen?”. It seems so hilarious, that generally, we are impatient as hell but when it comes to maintaining Snap-streak we match the patience level of a monk. We maintain snap-streaks ideally with our friends and share everyday activities via Snapchat, for nothing but to maintain a social presence amongst our friends. Snap-streak is maintained by us to see how well we can maintain our social presence over the internet.

Why is Snapchat more appealing to Gen Z?


Snapchat has become appealing to our generation as its snap-streak feature has become more of a default way to measure success or popularity on Snapchat. We teenagers have started spending an excessive amount of time on Snapchat to increase our snap-streak and increase the snap-score. With exciting filters, visuals, and lenses, we can make the snap more visually appealing. This attracts us, “the youths” to invest more time and make our snaps more creative. For us, maintaining a streak for a long time is a big success. And if the streak breaks, most of the time we Gen Z’ feel broken. Streak-break hurts more severely than a heartbreak.

Why maintain 1000 days Streak?


We ought to be very fascinated about maintaining snap-streaks. Every hardcore Snapchat user like us has this compassion to reach 1000 days streak. Do you know what happens once you reach there? Unfortunately, my friend, you receive nothing special for hitting this big milestone. You’ll get a charming sticker with the person you hold the 1000 days streak. Moreover, snap-streaks are not merely restricted to 1000 days, it can be more than it depends upon our will. Earlier, Snapchat used to give trophies for every achievement. These included maintaining a 1000 day streak or more with over 20000 snap-score. Snapchat removed this feature by saying that people get too obsessed with trophies. Isn’t it funny? Snapchat tried to help people not to get addicted to it.

Broken Snapstreak? Retrieve it in a Snap.


It hurts when our streak breaks. Those 100 or 200 days we were passionately maintaining streak but suddenly because of the other person, our streak breaks, and all our efforts go in vain. Feels disheartened? Come on don’t lose hope, Snapchat is there to help us to get our streak back. All we have to do is visit Snapchat support on the Snapchat website, choose the option “my streaks disappeared”, it will ask for information about your username, email address, and contact number. We also have to provide the person’s name with whom we maintained the streak, as well as the length of it. After submitting the form with all the essential details, we’ll be called by Snapchat support and within 24hours we might see our streak re-appeared. Congratulations! Our streak is retrieved, now be happy and enjoy.

Are we addicted to it?

Finally, maintaining a snap-streak is a kind of addiction. We Gen Z’ have involved ourselves in Snapchat and believe maintaining snap-streak is the true sign of friendship. And, it does not matter whether we sustain snap-streak or not. Some youngsters can ignore any loss over social media but tend to feel disturbed when streak breaks. Exchanging snaps to hold streak record, get famous among your friends, and popular, just on Snapchat would not make a big difference. But, still, some of us are addicted. And, some use Snapchat but are not addicted to it. It is just a matter of choice. Lastly, no-doubt Snapchat has some appealing features but is now turning into an abstract platform to exchange photos and videos of ours. We Gen Z’ should now focus more on the outside world and not hurt ourselves or feel disturbed if we couldn’t maintain streaks.