Best PPC Advertising Courses with Certifications

Eager to start a career as a PPC specialist but feeling lost? We're here to guide you and help you find the best PPC course!

Whether you're a student aiming to become a successful PPC professional or a business owner planning to build a thriving online brand by driving maximum return on ad spending, acquiring the right knowledge and digital marketing skills from top industry professionals can give your career the ultimate boost! And what could be more beneficial than gaining the best expertise from the best available PPC course?! Let’s first learn what is Pay-Per-Click Marketing and how it can redefine your business or career in digital marketing.



What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?


Simply put, PPC stands for pay-per-click. This means that if your business runs ads, your money is spent only when your ad is clicked. These ads can be made up of text, images, videos, or a mix of these and can pop up on search engines, websites, social media, and other places. Learning PPC can make you skilled in designing Google Ads, social media ads, and shopping ads, but what benefits does a PPC course offer?


What are the Benefits of Taking a PPC Course?


By taking up a PPC advertising course, you can master the knowledge of all Paid Media Skills and every type of PPC ad. The benefits of gaining such knowledge from a course are:

1. Career Opportunities: According to a 2023 update on PPC stats, 62% of digital marketing companies increased their PPC budgets, indicating a rise in career opportunities for PPC specialists. Hence, if you’re a digital marketing enthusiast, you need to take up the best PPC advertising course for a prosperous career ahead!



2.Direct Marketing: If you're growing your business online, knowing Pay-Per-Click advertising can be a game-changer. Paying only when your ad is clicked can save you a ton of money, making deciding to take up a PPC course fruitful.

3. Skill Development: Taking a PPC course helps you grasp the ins and outs of PPC, display ads, conversion optimization, and web analytics. You'll learn how to make Google Ads work better, increase click-through rate (CTR), and spend less per click.

4. Practical Knowledge: In-person training in PPC gives you practical knowledge. If you take a course from a reputable digital marketing institute like NIHT, you will get job placement along with hands-on experience. But is there any difference between an in-person offline course and an online course?



Offline and Online PPC Courses – What’s the Difference?


 PPC, or any digital marketing course, can be classified into two broad categories: online courses and offline courses. Online courses let you learn at your own pace and convenience, while offline courses offer in-person interaction with experienced PPC specialists, giving a practical touch to your learning. The hands-on experience, along with placement opportunities and certifications, is a big advantage over online courses, which have a fixed module but no ways to improvise. If you want to grow your business online with PPC advertising or master the role of a PPC specialist to work at a top MNC, you need hands-on experience along with the right opportunities. But what are some of the best offline and online courses for you?


Best Available Offline PPC Courses


Here are three of the best PPC courses that offer you hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn from the best digital marketers and upskill yourself:


1. Certificate Program in Digital Marketing Course


NIHT’s Certificate Program in digital marketing provides you with the best knowledge of PPC advertising, enabling you to apply the skills required for a PPC specialist. The in-person format of this course opens up many networking opportunities with the teachers and industry professionals who instruct you. The immersive and interactive nature ensures you get direct guidance and practical digital marketing skills through real-life case studies.

Why choose this course to learn PPC?
  • Learn strategies to design the best PPC campaigns
  • Get 10+ professional certifications
  • Acquire employable industry skills
  • Learn from real-life case studies and projects


Other highlights of the courses:
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Duration and Course Fee of Certificate Program

The duration of NIHT’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing is 6 months, and the course fee is Rs. 41,300 (including all taxes).



2. Premiere Program in Digital Marketing Course


NIHT's Premiere Program in digital marketing is a top-notch course for mastering video ads in PPC. The primary focus is on pay-per-click advertising, but it also includes modules on video editing, graphic design, and content marketing. By going beyond PPC, the premiere program gives you the creative and trending skills to design effective video ads and marketing campaigns if you want to establish your business's online presence. With in-person classes and top-notch teachers, the premiere course is a must-recommended program!


Why choose this course to learn PPC?
  • Learn how to design Video Ads, Social Ads, Remarketing Ads, etc.
  • Get 15+ Professional Certifications
  • Learn to use tools like SEMrush to gain insight into your competitors' PPC strategies
  • Acquire knowledge on how to optimize bids for maximum ROI


Other Highlights of the Courses:
  • Google Analytics
  • Understanding UI/UX
  • Professional Video Editing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Gamification in Online Marketing


Duration and Course Fee of Premiere Program

The duration of NIHT’s Premiere Program in Digital Marketing is 10 months, and the course fee is Rs. 70,800 (including all taxes).



3. Master Program in Digital Marketing Course


NIHT’s Master Certificate Course in digital marketing is designed to give you an advanced grasp of pay-per-click advertising. As you move through the course, you'll explore topics like augmented reality, virtual reality (AR and VR), e-commerce marketing, and marketing automation, which offer similar career opportunities as PPC. The "upgrade as you learn more" approach keeps you updated on the latest trends, ensuring your skills remain relevant and competitive in digital marketing. The course doesn't just have an all-round approach, the hands-on experience you get from experienced digital marketers is also a major reason why you should choose this digital marketing course!


Why choose this course to learn PPC?
  • Learn Google Ads and Facebook Ads Manager for managing PPC campaigns
  • Acquire knowledge of third-party apps like Supermetrics for deeper performance analysis
  •  Learn tools like Leadpages to create high-converting landing pages
  •  Get 20+ Professional Certifications
  • Acquire knowledge of Google Optimize to test different variations of your PPC ad copy



Other Highlights of the Course:
  • Google Analytics
  • AR & VR in Technology
  • E-commerce Marketing
  • Conversion rate Optimization
  • >ORM (Online Reputation Management) & PR



Duration and Course Fee of Master Program

The duration of NIHT’s Premiere Program in Digital Marketing is 14 months, and the course fee is Rs. 1,00,000 (including all taxes).



Best Available Online PPC Courses


Here’s a list of three online PPC courses that you should know about:


1. Google Ads Certification: The Google Ads Certification course is a credible way to learn PPC. It offers several certifications for everything from search to display to video. But if you're looking to learn PPC skills with a direct placement opportunity, you should opt for an offline PPC course that offers you employment opportunities at top MNCs with a legitimate digital marketing certification.

2. Semrush PPC Fundamentals Course: This course is offered by Semrush, a widely recognized search platform. It provides a breakdown of PPC basics and teaches you how to create effective and profitable PPC campaigns. However, to truly apply what you have learned, consider taking a PPC certification course where educators can personally guide you in understanding and applying the best digital marketing skills.


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3.Microsoft Advertising Certification: This course is another good resource for learning PPC. It’s offered by Microsoft, one of the leading platforms in digital advertising. However, more than a reputable online platform, you should prefer to learn PPC from a reputable institute if you plan to establish a successful career in PPC or any other digital marketing field.


Jobs You Get after Completing a PPC Course with Certification


Here's a list of ten jobs, along with the job role and salary, you can get after completing a course in PPC advertising from a reputable institute:


  • PPC Specialist: They manage online paid advertising campaigns. The average salary is ₹8.0 lakh.
  • Digital Marketing Executive: They handle the online marketing strategies of a company. The average salary is ₹5.4 lakh.
  • Marketing Manager: They oversee the marketing strategies of a company. The average salary is ₹10.0 lakh.
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Executive: They manage all SEM campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The average salary is ₹5.0 lakh.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist: They optimize websites to rank higher on search engine results pages. The average salary is ₹4.5 lakh.





There can't be anything better than building a digital marketing career that rewards your acquired skills and knowledge. Similarly, making your business the ultimate online brand can't be more fruitful if executed effectively. Taking up a pay-per-click advertising course serves both of these goals. So, whether you are a student, a business owner, or a professional looking to switch careers, enroll in the best offline PPC course to gain the best hands-on experience and secure a high-paying placement opportunity right after completing the course!

Clear Your Doubts

A PPC certification validates expertise in Pay-Per-Click advertising. It's for digital marketing professionals showcasing proficiency in online advertising strategies like keyword research, bidding, ad testing, audience targeting, and performance measurement. Various PPC certification programs exist, each offering specific focus and benefits.
Yes, PPC can be a high-paying job. The average salary for a PPC professional in India is around ₹336,499 per year. Salaries range from ₹120k to ₹850k per year, with a monthly average of about ₹26,905. Earnings are influenced by experience and skills.
Both SEO and PPC have merits. PPC professionals often earn more with a clear career path and a measurable impact on revenue. SEO roles may require more experience than managerial positions but offer consistently interesting and challenging work. The choice between SEO and PPC depends on personal interests and career goals.
Absolutely! The digital marketing industry is expanding, creating a promising future for PPC. The demand for PPC professionals is growing as businesses increasingly rely on digital channels. The market for PPC is expected to reach USD 28.62 billion by 2027, indicating a continued upward trend. 
Yes, Amazon PPC offers a promising career path. The demand for specialists in this field is on the rise, providing numerous job opportunities. Roles involve creating effective listings, analyzing PPC performance, and optimizing strategies for growth. Salaries can vary, reflecting the value of expertise in Amazon PPC.

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