Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Jamshedpur in 2024

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing and it refers to all the marketing efforts that are executed via the digital channels such as search engines, social media and email etc.  Digital marketing has become very important for creating brand awareness.  With the help of digital marketing, one can reach out to a larger audience than one can reach by traditional marketing methods. This form of marketing is more cost-effective than traditional advertising.

Digital marketing has become a lucrative option for many people because it offers lots of career opportunities. You, too, can choose career in digital marketing and make your career in this field.

Take a look at the current digital marketing job openings in Jamshedpur:



Different Career Opportunities in the field of Digital Marketing -


  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Content Developer
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Mobile Marketing Specialist
  • Email Marketer


Why is Digital Marketing needed?


Digital marketing is important because you need to expose your brand to a wider audience for growing your business. Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing. With the help of digital marketing you can establish your brand's reputation. It will help you to give an idea to your customers about your business and how you can help them with their needs. Digital marketing has a higher return on investment and a higher conversion rate. This means that you will also be earning high revenue.

Digital marketing is less expensive that other traditional marketing methods. It also offers great flexibility. Nowadays, many consumers are doing most of their shopping online. With the help of digital marketing, you can connect with these consumers quite easily.


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So, do you want to know how digital marketing works? Then you can join a digital marketing certification program and learn the basics of digital marketing as soon as possible. There are many institutes offering digital marketing courses. You can check out below top 10 digital marketing institutes in Jamshedpur and join any one for getting thorough knowledge about digital marketing.


Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in Jamshedpur


1. NIHT -


NIHT is a well-known digital marketing institute that has been offering digital marketing training classes for a long time. Our digital marketing courses are updated regularly and this ensures that the students learn about the latest digital marketing practices.

We have experienced trainers and faculty members. These faculty members have also handled digital campaigns for many clients. We have trained 22125+ students and helped them to build a successful career in the field of digital marketing. We have also signed up with Jainx University for a digital marketing training program.

We have live training and practical sessions and this helps the students to get thorough knowledge about digital marketing. Our placement partners are very proud of our talented students.

We are a Google Badged Partner Digital Agency. We have worked for various companies such as Altius Sports, East India Pharmaceuticals, GKB and Emami etc. With our efforts, clients have successfully created a social identity for their brands.


Check Out Different Reasons for Joining NIHT -


  • 100% Placement Support
  • Live Projects
  • Global Certifications
  • Case Studies
  • Expert Faculties


Digital Marketing Courses at NIHT:


Course Name – Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

If you want to build a successful career in Digital Marketing, then it is recommended that you join NIHT’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing. This course will help you to learn about the marketing strategies to start or grow your business. You will become a certified and professional digital marketer.


Course Name – Premier Program in Digital Marketing

In Premier Program in Digital Marketing you will learn the art of effective content creation. You will also be taught about photo and video editing and other AI tools. You will gain an insight into the creative aspects of digital marketing.


Course Name – Master Program in Digital Marketing

Master Program in Digital Marketing course will help you to learn about the AR/VR technologies. You will learn how to create powerful campaigns. You will be taught strategies to manage your Ecommerce business. You will also get work experience to apply digital marketing across many industries.


Short Courses -


We are offering a few Short Courses for the benefit of students. These courses are – Website Development, Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization.


1.  Website Development –

This course will help you to learn about HTML.  You will also be taught about dynamic and responsive website creation by using WordPress. You will be provided a certificate after you successfully complete this course. The students are offered placement assistance after they complete their course.


2. Social Media Optimization –

Social Media Optimization Module will help the students to learn about the techniques and strategies for optimizing and improving your social media profiles. After you successfully complete your course, you will be awarded a certificate. We also provide placement assistance to our students.


3. Search Engine Optimization –

The students will work on live projects and with market-tested strategies to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The students will also learn why it is important to help the websites to rank on search engines in order to get traffic.


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Placements and Internships –


Our courses have helped the students to become experts in the field of digital marketing. We are offering placement and internship opportunities to our students. Our students have got opportunities to work for companies such as Novotel, Schbang, Epson, Aegis, Dabur, Reliancedigital, HCL, Zomato, Paytm and Tech Mahindra etc.


Contact Information -


16C, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, 1st Floor,

Near Homeland Mall,

Kolkata – 700 020

9830269100, 9830269700

[email protected]

[email protected]


2.  Digital Vidya –


Do you want to learn digital marketing? Then you can join Digital Vidya and get thoroughly trained in this field.


Course Curriculum –


1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

4. Facebook Marketing

5. Inbound Marketing

6. Web Analytics

7. Email Marketing


Website –

Email – [email protected]


3. TalentEdge –


TalentEdge is a well-known institute offering digital marketing courses.


Course Curriculum –


1. Social Media Marketing

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Email Marketing

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)


Website –

Email - [email protected]


4.  Acesofttech Academy -


This digital marketing institute is offering a 3 months digital marketing course for their students.


Course Curriculum –


1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Pay Per Click (PPC Training)


Website –

Email - [email protected]


5. Calcutta Media Institute –


Calcutta Media Institute (CMI) offers a PGDM course in Digital Marketing and Social Media. The students will get hands-on experience in the digital marketing field. They are also teaching a few other courses related to media, management and communications.


Course Curriculum –


Their course has 2 semesters and the second semester offers hands-on training and internship. The course includes theory, practical sessions and industry internships.


Website –

Email – [email protected]


6. Digital Sparx –


Digital Sparx is a digital marketing training institute and agency in Jamshedpur. Their course is curated by the experts. They are offering classroom based teaching for their students.


Course Curriculum –


1. Introduction of Digital Marketing

2. Website Creation and Introduction

3. Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

4. Social Media Optimization

5. Content Marketing


Website –

Email – [email protected]


 7.  Anax Corporation of India -


Anax Corporation of India is a leading digital marketing training institute in Jamshedpur. Their courses will help the students to learn the basic digital marketing skills.


Course Curriculum –


They are offering 2 months certificate course which covers –

1. Search Engine Optimization

2. PPC Training


Website –

Email – [email protected]


8.  Arena Animation Jamshedpur -


Arena Animation is one of the oldest digital marketing institutes offering digital marketing courses in 2 Terms.


Course Curriculum –


1.  Marketing basics

2.  Search Optimization Techniques

3. Understanding and Optimizing Social Media Marketing

4.  Content Marketing

5.  Affiliate Marketing


Website –


9. Proideators Digital Marketing Institute -


Prodideators is a leading digital marketing institute in Jamshedpur. They provide both online and offline digital marketing training for their students.


Course Curriculum –


1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

2. Website Development

3. Search Engine Optimization

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Affiliate Marketing


Website –

Email – [email protected]


10.  ITruth Institute –


ITruth Institute is one of the largest institutes in Jamshedpur and offers digital marketing courses for their students. They provide both online and offline classes for their students.


Course Curriculum –


1. Digital Marketing Overview

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Content Marketing

4.  Affiliate Marketing

5. Social Media Optimization

6. Facebook Advertising


Website –

Email – [email protected]


Conclusion -

Before you join a digital marketing institute, you should keep in mind a few important points.


These points are -

 Practical v/s Theory –

Digital marketing is a lot more practical and so it is necessary to check if your course curriculum consists of practical training sessions.


Job Placement and Internship –

Before joining any digital marketing institute, you should check whether they are offering any opportunities for internships and job placements.


Industry Experienced Trainers –

The trainers should have good experience and an understanding of the existing market. It is necessary to get an idea about the experience of the trainer because this professional will be teaching you digital marketing.


Certificate –

You should make sure that the institute is providing you a certificate after the completion of your course. If you are a certified professional, then it will help you to show your proficiency in this field when you apply for a job.


Affordable Fees –

Check whether the institute you want to join is offering quality education at an affordable cost.


Institute’s Expertise –

You should check the total number of years the institute has been in the training industry, the variety of courses they are providing and the experience of their faculties.  Many institutes are also offering digital marketing courses online. So, before joining an institute, you should also check whether they are offering online or classroom-based training.


Jamshedpur is a large city that is set between Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers in the East Indian state of Jharkhand. Jamshedpur is also known as “The Steel City''. Some of the places you can visit when you are in Jamshedpur are – Jubilee Park, Dimna Lake, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhatia Park, Rivers Meet, Bhuvaneshvari Temple, Jayanti Sarovar, Hudco Lake and P&M Hi-Tech City Centre Mall etc.


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